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Bio / Members.

We are the "Cotton Pickin Kids"!

The Cipollari's are a family of 13 who grew up singing and playing bluegrass music. As the saying goes, "Bluegrass is the best music because it sounds the same when the power goes out." 

Each child was taught at a young age to play various instruments, whether it be the guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, or harmonica. They would often play for family and social gatherings. 

On one occasion, a gentleman asked Fabio "Papa" Cipollari what their band's name was. Fabio laughed and said, "We don't have one yet." The man replied, "Well, those kids can sure pick!" Fabio agreed and said, "Those Cotton Pickin Kids can sure pick!" And that is how we got our name.


We are so grateful for being born and raised in such a large and loving family, smack dab in the heart of Alabama. You really can't ask for much more than that. We are truly "Cotton Pickin Blessed"! 

The Cotton Pickin Kids are a bluegrass family band from Alabama, USA. The band was formed in 2017, when the youngest member was only seven years old. The band is known for their impressive musical skills and harmonies, as well as their original songs and covers of classic bluegrass tunes. Some of their popular songs include "I'll Fly Away", "Rocky Top", and "Foggy Mountain Breakdown" getting millions of views on their socials. 

The band has performed at various venues and events, such as the WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour, the Alabama Bluegrass Music Association, the Tennessee State Fair, IBMA Youth Stage and Dollywood. They also have a YouTube channel where they share their music videos and live performances with their fans. The band's website is where you can find more information about their tour dates, songs, and merchandise. The Cotton Pickin Kids are a talented and inspiring bluegrass band that showcases the joy of music and family.


The band has big dreams for the future. They hope to reach 1 million subscribers on YouTube and 100k listeners on Spotify. They also would like to play at the Grand Ole Opry, take a tour to Europe and share their music with new audiences. They are passionate about bluegrass music and hope to inspire more people to appreciate this genre. The band is grateful for their fans and supporters who have helped them grow and achieve their goals. The Cotton Pickin Kids are determined to keep making music that brings happiness and harmony to the world.



Savio is the mandolin player and is currently at the age of nineteen. He started playing the guitar at nine years old and then began to learn the mandolin, which is now his favorite. He has competed and placed in various mandolin and bluegrass band competitions. He has also composed several instrumentals. Being a multi-instrumentalist, he plays the guitar, mandolin, upright bass and banjo. He is the sound manager and recorder of The Cotton Pickin Kids' albums and the editor of all the YouTube and Facebook videos. Savio also does most of the arrangements on all their songs. 


Therese plays the fiddle and is currently eighteen years old. She began playing the fiddle at eight and has been playing in their band since 2017 doing lead vocals. She has written several original songs including, "My Sweet Home" a charming song about her home in Alabama. She has placed in singing competitions, as well as fiddle and bluegrass band competitions with her siblings. She is the initiator of the Cotton Pickin Kids Facebook page, YouTube channel and now their Patreon account.



Cecilia is the guitar player. Cecilia is currently sixteen. She started playing guitar at the age of ten. She has played backup and finger-picking guitar in their band and has backed up all of her siblings in rhythm in all of their competitions, placing alongside them. Cecilia also sings harmony with her sisters. 


Rosalinda plays the fiddle and upright  bass. She is currently fourteen years of age. She likes to play the harmony fiddle and sings harmony and lead. She has placed in several competitions including many bluegrass band competitions with the rest of her brothers and sisters. She also enjoys playing the upright bass along with her dad when needed. 



Gianluca is the banjo player and is thirteen years old. He started out on the harmonica at only eight and then began his journey in learning the banjo. His accomplishments include placing in the Beginner's Musicians at the Old Time Fiddler's Convention at Athens State and placing at Bluegrass on the Harpeth in Franklin, Tennessee. He also placed first place along with his other siblings in the Nashville, Tennessee State Fair Bluegrass Band competition in 2019. 


Giovanni plays the dobro, he is currently eleven years old. He started playing the cigar box guitar at the tender age of six and progressed to playing the dobro at about seven years old. His accomplishments include placing first place in the Nashville, Tennessee State Fair Beginner's Musician Competition. He has also placed in several other beginner's competitions over the past few years. 

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